Homeschool REC Days...

NEW in 2018/2019 for homeschooling families in Habersham County, Georgia and surrounding counties:

Dan and Lisa are hosting Homeschool REC Days on Mondays from 2-4 pm. This is a weekly time of open recreation (outdoor play and/or indoor strategy/board/card games) and friendships for homeschooling families in the Northeast Georgia region. We're based part of the year (summer and winter) at Harvest Christian Church (17 & 105, west of Clarkesville) and part of the year (fall and spring) at North Georgia Christian Camp (located just up the road from the church).

Homeschool REC Days began in June 2018, and from the start we've had around 40-60 folks at each REC Day. It's been great to see all different ages of kids, teens, and adults laughing and playing together, and we're looking forward to getting to know everyone better as the group continues.

We're keeping this a relaxed group, with free play for the kids while parents participate in games or visit with each other, and with some extra activities planned from time to time. For example, each week Dan sends out a reminder email on Sunday afternoon, which might say something like "Don't forget REC Day at North Georgia Christian Camp, this Monday from 2-4 pm. This week Dan will be leading Capture the Flag in the field around 3:30 pm for those interested." (Or... "Joanna will be doing a jewelry making project at 3 pm under Shelter 2," or... "Lisa will be making slime at 3:30 pm in the dining hall," or... "Dan will offer laser tag at 3 pm in the campfire area," etc.)

Here's our yearly schedule:

June-August: Summer REC@Harvest, bring your favorite board games to play in the fellowship hall, with occasional outdoor fun.
September-October: Fall REC@Camp, mainly outdoor fun, with occasional activities indoors.
November-December: take a break from REC Days & enjoy the season with your family!
January-February: Winter REC@Harvest, bring your favorite board games to play in the fellowship hall, with occasional outdoor fun.
March-May: Spring REC@Camp, mainly outdoor fun, with occasional activities indoors.

We're not thinking of this as a drop off activity, so all students need to have a supervising adult present. (Dan & Lisa want to be playing games, not counting kids!) We aren't interested in creating a ton of rules for this group, but one other request we have is for students to leave their devices behind please... we'd like this to be about good old fashioned fun with actual humans!

At the church (summer & winter), we meet in the fellowship hall on the lower level of the main building. There are plenty of tables for games, with water & restrooms available nearby, and a playing field and playground outside.

The camp (fall & spring) has a playground, basketball goals, volleyball net, tetherball, gaga ball arena, carpetball table, swings, etc., and will be a great area for occasional special activities like archery or canoeing. There is outdoor seating with shade near the play areas, and bathrooms nearby. On rainy days we'll just all bring favorite board games and meet up in the camp dining hall.

This is a FREE group, and you're welcome to come when you want for as long as you want. If your family can participate during the summer but has other Monday plans in the fall, no problem. If you want to come one week and then skip a week, it's a free country. If you can only drop by for an hour or so, sounds good to us. We're keeping the group as informal and zero-stress as possible! All ages (even recent homeschool grads) are welcome.

If you live in Habersham or surrounding countries and would like to be added to our email list, give me (Dan) a call at 706-969-2898 and let me know, or use the contact form below to send me your name and email address. It's not a commitment to join the group, just to receive the emails. We look forward to seeing many friends old and new at REC Days!

REC=Relationships, Encouragement, Creative fun!

Blessings, --Dan & Lisa